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“I’ve invested over 22 years perfecting a training style that works for every body type. Follow this simple technique and your muscles will have no choice but to grow and take shape.”


Cody Murphy 

Sean’s Physique Masterclass series was a mind blowing change to how I train and eat! The knowledge that he shares will change the way you train forever! I’ve been trying to figure this stuff out for 25 years and what I learned from this series is a game changer. Sean will teach you so many valuable secrets!

Len Rowe

I have to say that Sean is incredibly knowledgeable, prepared, and insightful. I've learned so much from his videos on diet, exercises, and fitness concepts. I can't recommend his course enough!

Nicolas Salgado

Love all the knowledge and the input you put into the program! Having this platform by someone who knows his business is a huge blessing! Sean you're one of my biggest inspirations and thank you for your kindness and approach you bring into the program!

Janel Mclaskey

Sean is very knowledgeable and this masterclass is a wonderful course for any newbie or someone just wanting to polish up on what they might have once learned. The course is very straightforward and provides tons of valuable information. Five stars.

Knowledge Is POWER...

Are you frustrated with not being able to build size and definition in your muscles?

Do you feel that it’s impossible to lose your gut or lean out your muscles?

What if I told you that several students of mine who started right where you are now….

Have built massive amounts of muscle and are leaner than they’ve ever been,

…and now have a new found confidence and are getting respected, admired, and complimented by others.

Simply by learning a new and revolutionary technique that….

…unlocks your genetic potential and literally forces your muscles to build size and definition.

This is a very unique approach to weight lifting that turns hard-gaining muscle builders into super-hero physiques.

Sounds too good to be true, right?

It’s smart to be skeptical. There are a ton of in-experienced trainers on the internet trying to sell the latest gimmick.

Let me ask you a question…

Would you be curious to learn more about this extraordinary technique if I virtually guaranteed it would save you years of frustration and disappointment?

Have You Ever Been…

  • Dying to put on muscle size?
  • Frustrated with not seeing the definition you want in your muscles?
  • Disappointed when you look in the mirror?
  • Unable to see your abs no matter what you’ve tried?
  • Sick of diets that you hate and that don’t work?
  • Self conscious about taking your shirt off because you’re pear shaped or husky?
  • Disrespected for being too skinny?

If you yes answered to any or all of these questions, then this course is for you. I’m going to hand you the solutions to these problems on a silver platter.

By Applying The Technique In This Course You Are Going To…

  • Build a physique that you can feel proud of.
  • Unlock your genetic potential and build big, juicey muscles with shape and definition.
  • Rewire your brain for new muscle.
  • Be excited to you show off your new body in a swimsuit.
  • Have arms that make your t-shirt sleeves tight.
  • Feel strong, powerful, and confident
  • Be more attractive to potential lovers or
  • Re-ignite the attraction in your current relationship
  • Become an expert yourself in building muscle, losing fat, and staying motivated.

It’s time to learn how to lift and eat the right way.

When you enroll in this course you’ll have all of the knowledge, tools, and motivation to go to the gym with confidence and get real results that others will notice.

In This Course You’ll Get…

  • A series of powerful video lessons, 6-20 min long each, that you watch at your own pace
  • The “Master Keys” that work miracles in transforming your physique
  • My most effective gym routines for each muscle group
  • My favorite fat burning strategies
  • The keys to “Perfect Form” that makes weight lifting safer and much more effective
  • Life-changing strategies for staying motivated and rewiring your neurons for success
  • Proven nutrition principles that work without cutting out fat or carbs
  • Cutting and bulking plans to change your body quick
  • Access to my private group where you can pick my brain at any time

Your Chances Of Making Real, Lasting Changes Are Small Unless You Get This

Here are some hard facts…

90% of people quit the gym within 3 months of starting.

The typical adult loses 1-2% of their muscle per year. This jumps to 3% as you get older.

The odds are against you… if you’re going to avoid getting fat and weak as you age, you need an edge.

I’m not talking about sticking a needle in your butt.

You need a ROCK SOLID plan and proven technique if you want to be strong, sexy, and independent as you age.


If you don't know me already, my name is Sean Harley.

I’ve spent the last 22 years helping people transform their bodies...

and in that time I’ve worked with just about every walk of life. 

From teaching teens and young adults how to lift for the very first time... helping average people get completely jacked and getting on a fitness stage... getting people off of heart disease and pre-diabetes medications. 

I’ve also competed at the highest level of professional bodybuilding and I’ve been on the cover of magazines all over the world... Ironman, Muscle & Fitness, and Physique.

But I didn’t just grow this body over night.

It’s been a long, grueling road of trial and error while sifting through all of the bull**** information out there.

It took gaining a lot of experience and swallowing my pride to admit that I didn’t know everything...

..and to keep learning as new science came out and old ways died off.

Every time I found a gold nugget of information to improve what I was doing, my physique, and my clients' physiques, leveled up to the next notch.

The most valuable of these gold nuggets is what I want to share with you.

This Is What You Really Want

First, let’s get clear on your #1 goal.

You want to build muscle.

Perhaps you may also want to lose body fat and get abs…

… and look awesome in a swimsuit… 

…PLUS you want to gain confidence and feel better about yourself mentally.

And if you’re like most people, you want to do ALL of this

  • FAST
  • Safely
  • Without having to lift crazy heavy weights
  • Without hurting your joints or tearing a muscle
  • While still eating plenty of carbs
  • Without spending a ton of money
  • While enjoying the process along the way

But It's More Important Than Just That...

 Having muscular arms and tight abs is great, and I’m beyond confident that you will achieve that when you apply this technique…

…but there’s more at stake than just having a sexy body and looking good naked…

it’s about taking back your power.

There are serious consequences for not taking action.

If you continue on the path you’re on you will continue to get fatter and fatter, and lose more and more muscle as you age. 

Month after month and year after year you’ll continue down the same path that got you to where you are now.

Like most people, you’ll likely end up dependent on the pharmaceutical and medical industries and never experience optimal health.

Besides just missing out on the health and muscle gains, you’ll miss out on the mental, emotional, and spiritual growth that you’ll develop in this journey as well.

Neither of us want to see that happen to you, so let’s get you moving in the right direction.

Enroll Today...

and get lifetime access to the Physique Masterclass for HALF PRICE

Let's Do This!

Don't Take My Word For It, Hear What Students Are Saying...

Hyman Katz

"Discovering Sean’s fitness strategies was transformational.  I was recovering from spine surgery and began doing my physical therapy at Golds Gym Venice. Seeing Sean train was inspirational. I decided I wanted to look like a 65 year old version of THAT !! (The guy is perfect).

With the goal of redesigning my body with Sean as my ambitions North Star, the Physique Masterclass became my treasure map. He breaks things down simply and with great specificity. There’s everything anyone can ever need if they are serious about transforming their body and adding muscle.

Within a few weeks of diligently following the strategies of mindful lifting and focused exercises performed correctly, people started noticing the changes in my body. It was embarrassing at first but I guess comes with the territory of becoming a Sean Harley type elite athlete at 65!!

I highly recommend this amazingly priced online class to all ages. Sean makes it fun and personal. He’s a true inspiration. The class taught me many other life lessons as well such as belief in oneself, fortitude and the power of visualizing your goals."

Merritt Nelson

I’ve lifted weights for over 30 years. I’ve always done my own research and just figured things out as best as I could. I recently became frustrated with my progress and my plateaus. So I did something I have never done before, I hired a coach. I vetted 15-20 elite professionals from around the country. I had a long list of non-negotiables that I needed from a coach. I landed on Sean ‘Rock Solid’ Harley. Mostly because of his focus on science and research (in the gym and in the kitchen) and his success on the stage as a professional bodybuilder. Before he would work with me, he required me to take his Physique Masterclass.

At first, I was a little reluctant; I knew my body, I have lifted for decades, and I thought I understood nutrition. There is no other way to put this, I was wrong on so many fronts. The old saying ‘you only know what you know and you don’t know what you don’t know’ is so true. I am a completely different lifter now than I was before I took the course. I understand nutrition now like I never have before. This class is game on for anyone who cares about their health and physique. I can not recommend it strongly enough.

Kevin Bowland

My name is Kevin. I have been working out about 15 years now, 3 of which I have been training competitively. I originally sought out Seans’ advice because he had been a pro in my division, and if you want to be the best you have to learn from the best. Since I’ve implemented Sean’s lifting techniques, the results show for themselves. On the nutrition side, he makes eating right and staying on track easy by following his templates and incorporating foods I like. This has also made a huge impact in my appearance.

The results I have been able to achieve with Sean’s knowledge have exceeded my expectations and pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of. You can tell he is truly passionate about teaching you to succeed. He has an immense knowledge of the human body and digestive system. Sean is easily the best I’ve learned from and he just makes things so easy to understand. I look forward to a future in growth and health with Sean’s technique and I am thankful for this masterclass.

Austin Sprague

I'm not a beginner, but I'm certainly nowhere near Sean’s level.   This program is great for beginners who don't know how to get started, or intermediate lifters who have hit a plateau and don't know what to do next. From nutrition, to mindset, to technique and form, to the lifts and workouts themselves; this is the roadmap to success in the gym.

But the best part is the direct access you have to Sean to answer your questions. It is invaluable to have someone with Sean's credentials there to answer your questions. And as far as Sean himself, speaking from personal experience, Sean is probably one of the most genuine, good hearted, accommodating individuals I've had conversations with. He genuinely wants to help people reach their goals.

Meet your instructor!


As professional trainer and gym owner I have taught thousands of people just like you how to take control of their bodies and  level up their physiques.


As a pro bodybuilder I've competed on the world's biggest stages, and as a fitness pro and model I've checked off every benchmark in the industry.

More About Sean

As seen in...

Master Your Mind-Muscle Connection


Knowledge is power.

You'll possess the knowledge of how to speed up the creation of new neurons, new synaptic connections, and new neural-networks to re-wire your brain for muscle gains.

PLUS - Enhance your ability to get out of ruts, stop bad habits, and change your lifestyle for good.


Get hold of the fastest way to build bigger muscles, rather than merely guessing at it. You’ll learn that changing your physique comes down to a few crucial “MASTER KEYS”.

Master these and you can control your muscle and body fat at will.


Get access to a private group: "The Physique Masterclass Collective" to always get your questions answered and for additional support, knowledge, and inspiration.



  •  Are you making these common lifting mistakes? Doing so will not only slow your progress but increase the chance of injury. Learn the “Perfect Form” that rapidly increases your results while keeping you safe and in the game for the long run.

  • The recipe for gaining muscle. You must understand these 4 aspects of muscle growth or you’re likely to move backwards instead forwards towards your goals.

  •  Why your previous programs have not worked for you and how to get on the fasttrack to seeing BIG changes in your arms, abs, and legs.

  •  How to use the secrets of “Negative Training” to double your muscles response to lifting.  (Traditional lifting robs your of this potential power - while adding this increases your results two-fold!)

  •  You must lift heavy to build muscle, right? Wrong! You can get more out of a lighter weight and save your body from tendon and joint damage in the process.

  •  The trick to staying strong and functional while your muscles grow and take shape.

  •  The #1 mistake people make on chest presses that blocks them from growing their pecs. Do this and you’ll have the best chest pump you’ve ever experienced!

  •  Recruit up to 26% more muscle fibers in each rep by learning this simple, scientifically proven skill. This is a skill that everyone possess.

  •  The crucial mistake that you must avoid at all costs or risk tearing a tendon or muscle. I see this way too often.

  •  The secret technique to juicy muscles that people will notice even when you have your shirt on!

  •  The one simple thing to do before exercise to increase fat burning by 30%!



  • The TRUTH about motivation.  Become your own motivational coach and cultivate inspiration that comes from within and has conviction.
  • The amazing “Mind-Muscle Connection” technique that actually rewires your central nervous system for muscle gains. (Once your master this you can actually feel your muscle grow.)

  • The power of “Mindful Lifting”  - How to stay present with your mind, muscle, and spirit to reduce pain, stress, and anxiety while increasing muscle fiber recruitment in all of your lifts.

  • Are you making this common mistake with your recovery?  It could cause 75% of the weight you lose to come from muscle and not FAT!



  • The BIG reason for health problems associated with the western diet. Lies that have been to sold to you by food companies and the medical establishment.
  • Ignore the fad diets and get a better understanding of the basics in order to reduce cravings and make progress with your physique without giving up fat & carbs.

  • People who have a hard time managing their weight underestimate the amount of food they eat by average of 47%! And they overestimate their physical activity by 51%! Learning these two skills will ensure your ability to manage your weight for life.

  • The TRUTH about organic foods. Are they worth the extra cost?

  • 70% of your immune system is in you gut microbiome. You’ll learn the single most toxic chemical found in many common foods that you should avoid like the plague so you don’t mess up your testosterone and estrogen production, or worse, get cancer. 

  • The #1 reason why most fad diets work in the short term but fail to provide lasting results in the long run. Understand this and you’ll become a finely tuned machine that can manipulate your weight at will.

  • Some say carbs are the enemy. Well I’m here to tell you that carbs can be your friend. Yes, you can still eat carbs while losing body fat, just follow these simple rules-of-thumb.

  • Are you making these common mistakes with your diet? Doing so can make it nearly impossible to make progress with your workout efforts.

  • What the mainstream medical community doesn’t tell you about nutrition. (AVOID foods with this one chemical at all cost to improve your immune system, mental health, and vitality.)

  •  The nutrient that many diets neglect which is crucial for testosterone production, brain health, and a number of important processes in your body.

  • How to continue to make progress without completely giving up your social life. You don’t have to live a life of depravation to be lean and jacked!

  • How to avoid the nasty hormone that triggers hunger and slows down your metabolism.

  • Where the medical industry and fad diet gurus get it wrong. They surround this topic with confusion and misinformation.

  • When eating cookies and donuts can work for you and not against you.


The PHYSIQUE MASTERCLASS is divided into 3 sections that will teach you everything you need to know to build a body that turns heads...

The Classroom

Learn the 13 “Master Keys” to being successful in building and maintaining the physique of your dreams.

You'll learn how to develop the mindset of a champion and the quickest way to add size and volume to your muscles, even if you're a hardgainer! 

PLUS - easy tweeks to your lifting form that force your muscles to recruit the maximum amount of muscle fibers and spark rapid changes and growth.

The Gym

In this section I take you into the gym to show you "perfect form" and how to incorporate all of the powerful techniques that you learned in the classroom into the most effective lifts for each body part.

You’ll also learn how to get the most out each rep as well as the best routines for abs and cardio.

You'll receive muscle-exploding workouts for each muscle group as well as options for effective fat-burning routines.

The Kitchen

In the kitchen series you will get a complete understanding of calories, proteins, carbs, and fat.

I'll reveal how to eat in the long term to maintain a generally fit and healthy lifestyle without fad diets, and also how to create plans specifically for cutting or bulking.

You will receive personalizable nutrition templates where you can add your favorite foods or follow as is.

Other Training Methods Can Cost You THOUSANDS

Your other options to get professional help in building muscle and burning fat are costly...

  • Personal Trainer - $60-$110/session with 3-5 sessions per week
  • Group Training - $175-$250/month
  • Online Coaching $100-$500/month

 I'm not saying these other methods aren't worth it, because if you're lucky enough to find a good trainer and can afford it, they absolutely are.

And I truly believe that the best investment you can make is in yourself because it can drastically improve the quality of your life and the lives of your loved ones.

But lets face it, most trainers just took a weekend class, got a certification, and are more interested in your recurring payment than your results.

Plus you don’t learn the how and why of building your own motivation or a workout plan and when that training comes to its inevitable end, you fall back into old patterns and lose any gains that you made.

I designed this course to set you up to succeed for life.

You'll become a pro yourself at a fraction of the cost and in a fraction of the time.

Pricing - Normally $297

NOW $197

One Time Payment

Take the Physique Masterclass at this temporarily
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 Start the course whenever you're ready and go at your own pace.

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Pay Once, Get Gains For Life.


Your purchase of the PHYSIQUE MASTERCLASS gives you lifetime access to the course.

PLUS you'll be invited to my private group, The Physique Masterclass Collective, for further knowledge, inspiration, and interaction to get any questions answered that might come up in your journey. 

You'll also get the most effective workouts for each body part and diet templates that you can adjust to meet your tastes and personal requirements.

Gain Instant Access To The Physique Masterclass Collective.

Stronger Together

The Physique Masterclass Collective is a private group forum where Sean communicates with the class and where you can ask questions and get support.


"Great strength and a powerful physique are priceless possession.

I made this information accessible and easily digestible so that it can benefit anyone at any level 

whether it's your first time stepping foot in a gym or you've been training for years

because I believe that you don't have to have a goal of getting on a stage to train in the most effective way possible.


Do you want to be weak, dependent, and unhealthy as you age?

Develop strength, confidence, and sex appeal that will last.


Be the best version of yourself, build self confidence, and live up to your true potential.

Summon the power to show up day after day and do the things you need to do.


Confused by all the Instagram trainers out there?

You don't need gimmicks and fad diets, you just need simple lifestyle adjustments and the proven technique taught in this course.

 Take back control of your body and unleash your potential. 

Whether you're a gym veteran or a gym virgin, the knowledge and technique that you'll learn in this class will take your training and physique to new heights.

Let's Get Rocking!

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